a life in progress

Month: November, 2004

now that everyone is dead we can finally talk

I accidentally watched the Princess Diana tape thingy that was on Dateline last night. I hate the fact that even after her death, that was caused by the media, they’re still exploiting her and her life in the media. But in her video tape she said something that kinda rung true to me. She said […]

absolute affirmation

I had my 3-month check up with my surgeon this morning. I have lost a total of 61 pounds since the surgery in August. Yay… so I still need to lose 70 more to be at my goal weight.

dum, dum, dee, dum

So get this…. I told my mom about Scott, this 33 year old guy that I’ve been talking to, and she thinks that 33 is way too old for me. I had no idea that she would think that’s too old. I mean ok so it’s a 9 year age difference but it’s not that […]

where’d the day go?

I have no idea, I have no idea. It looks like I’ll be meeting Kevin tomorrow. I have an interview in Berkeley at 2pm. So the plan is to meet up after that. I cancelled my interview at the contractor co in foster city. Even if I got it it’d just be too far away. […]

in my place

So as I embark on this job hunt there have been moments where I have felt guilty about leaving my current position. Like today for example. I’m here wearing dress pants, dress shoes and a nice top. I never dress like this at work so it’s obvious I’m up to something. I already have my […]