in my place

by Valli

So as I embark on this job hunt there have been moments where I have felt guilty about leaving my current position.

Like today for example. I’m here wearing dress pants, dress shoes and a nice top. I never dress like this at work so it’s obvious I’m up to something. I already have my “excuse” ready if someone acts like a nosey-ho and asks me why I’m dressed like this today. It’s because I’m going out with friends right after work and I didn’t want to go home to change. Which is half true. I am meeting up with Jamie and people from high school after work although we’re going bowling so there’s no need to be wearing this. Anyway, yesteray I got an interview set up for today at 5:30. Which means that I have to cancel my hair appointment that I had for today. Which totally sucks. But it’s an “Office Manager” position and it would be really nice to have “manager” in my title for once, and the job is in Walnut Creek, so my commute wouldn’t be much longer than it is now. Wish me luck. I really just want to give a great interview. Which reminds me I gotta refresh my memory on good questions to ask.

Yesterday I talked to this woman who saw my resume ad on Craigslist and she asked if I had any questions and I only had two at that point. It wasn’t the official interview anyway. She’s supposed to call me to set that up once her boss is available. She sounded really cool and nice and relaxed. She really liked my ad. The job is in Berkeley for a high-end sound/music equipment company. It’s a small company and she guaranteed me that there was no way I could ever be bored in that position. It’s a “front office” position, I loved how she said she hated to call it a “receptionist” position because there was more to it than just that, you pitch in everywhere I guess. I’m all for not being bored. Which is what I am now.

I have another interview on Monday, which I am going to tell my boss is actually a “dentist appt”. The only reason I’m going to this interview is because they went through the trouble of sending me this folder with information on the company and their benefits and an application I have to fill out. I hate filling out applications. But at least I get to do it at home so it’ll be accurate. The HR person who sent the folder also send her business card, it’s like the nicest business card I’ve ever seen. So I know that if I got hired I’d have great business cards, and they’ve got this great benefit. They’ve got condos in different locations in California that you can reserve. How cool is that? Not to mention tickets to all the sports teams in the Bay Area.

I just want a fun job to get me over until I can work for myself. When you break it all down, that’s what I want. I saw this great ad for a job at the Metreon in their brand & marketing dept as an admin. asst. but you get to help out with all these cool events and stuff. That’d be sweeet. But of course I kinda fudged my application, fudged meaning that I sent it in twice with two versions of my resume attached, and I forgot to send my salary history the first time and so I sent it all again. It was a mess, but I hope they overlook that and realize that I’m the person they need and they should call me asap. 🙂

I feel like I’ve been asleep for a really long time. All of a sudden now I’m interviewing and what not people have been asking me why I left Maui and it’s been kind of hard to answer. ‘Cause I’m even asking myself why I left. I know that I wasn’t happy and that certain people pissed me off, but I did have a good situation in terms of the work. I basically owned those programs, knew them in and out and coordinated all of it. I was the point person and especially knowing now that they fired Sue, it irks me ’cause if she hadn’t been there when I was there I would of been happier. 🙂 haa. All I know is that I want to try and find that again. Except without the crappy boss.