where’d the day go?

by Valli

I have no idea, I have no idea.

It looks like I’ll be meeting Kevin tomorrow. I have an interview in Berkeley at 2pm. So the plan is to meet up after that. I cancelled my interview at the contractor co in foster city. Even if I got it it’d just be too far away. ugh.

I’m looking forward to the Berkeley interview because it looks like it could be a fun place to work. At least that’s what the woman I’d be working for sounds like, and it’s what she said. We shall see. I’ve already basically called in “sick”, and I hate doing that. I just always feel like they know I’m lying or something.

Am talking to Kirk right now and he’s making me a Moderator on the new FT boards, yay. I feel flushed with power.. ok not really, but I’m still happy I get to be a Mod and tell people where to go when they act up. hehe…