a life in progress

Month: December, 2004

can’t find the answers

I feel like shit. I don’t want to feel like this. I hate work. I hate that fact that I have no boyfriend. I feel like I’m going in circles with no end in sight. This can’t be how it is. I want to change all of this, I just want out.. I want to […]

it’s love, it’s love, it’s love

yea, it’s not love, I just wanted to use that as a subject line. 🙂 Christmas sucks ass when it comes to shopping. Yesterday I tried to go to Target to get wrapping paper. No parking spaces. People acting psycho. I just went home and said I’d do it tomorrow. I go today and it’s […]

a lover i don’t have to love

Well… first let’s start with work. We finally had our holiday luncheon last Friday. It went well. The presents were a lot better. In an effort to annoy Roxy-Ho I sent an email on the previous Thursday reminding everyone of the lunch and saying how the MAX that they could spend was $20 and if […]

get me out of here!

Classic. Rox stops me as I’m walking out to go fed ex some stuff, and asks if we can change the dollar amount that we spend on the ‘dirty santa’ gifts that we’re supposed to exchange next week, originally it was $20, she wants it to be $10 because the holidays are getting so expensive […]