a life in progress

Month: March, 2005

help me believe in anything

In an effort to not be completely negative about the people that I have to work with on a daily basis I will say this about them, they are smart in certain areas, they know how to sell things. I would just like that to be said for the record, so it’s known that I […]

exit out the back and make your getaway

Today I had an interview in Emeryville at a graphic design/marketing firm for an Office Manager position. I think it went really well, she asked me to come back for a second interview with another person. That should take place next week. The only annoying thing about a second interview is that I have to […]

an unending urge to cry

That’s how I felt this morning. I was actually ok until I got in to work, turned on AIM and Kirk started talking about how he’s depressed. His job is stifling him and he totally doesn’t want to be there. Everything he was saying was something that I have said many, many times over. It’s […]

wasting me away

I have one solid interview happening next Monday, and then one possibly to be scheduled for next Wednesday. They’re both more somewhat aligned with things that I’m interested in.. the first is being the “studio assistant” at this artist guys studio. He makes big, high-end (seriously like $30,000 for one piece) sculptures for people, companies, […]

the door in the floor

I keep staring at the flowers that I bought. They’re beautiful and I don’t want them to die. I’ve been alone that past couple of days. It feels wrong and right all at the same time. Tomorrow has come all too fast for me. Another interview in the morning, another interview for something that is […]