the door in the floor

by Valli

I keep staring at the flowers that I bought. They’re beautiful and I don’t want them to die.

I’ve been alone that past couple of days. It feels wrong and right all at the same time.

Tomorrow has come all too fast for me. Another interview in the morning, another interview for something that is no where near what I want.

There is pain here. There is pain here and I don’t know when it’s ever going to go away.

I could reach out to him but would he be able to recognize that?

I would love to tell him that I understand and that he’ll make it through all of this, that there is so much more than what he’s going through right now.

His addiction is his pain relief but it relieves nothing, it only creates more pain.

I don’t know him and I don’t know him and I probably never will.

He knows that I’m alive but he just doesn’t care. I don’t hate him for that, I just wish it wasn’t true.