wasting me away

by Valli

I have one solid interview happening next Monday, and then one possibly to be scheduled for next Wednesday.

They’re both more somewhat aligned with things that I’m interested in.. the first is being the “studio assistant” at this artist guys studio. He makes big, high-end (seriously like $30,000 for one piece) sculptures for people, companies, etc. The other job is at a web marketing company. They basically redo company websites to make them look better/easier to use. It’s an Exec. Asst. job.

The job that I have now sucks, it’s boring, it’s super corporate. When I talked to the woman this morning about the exec. asst. job she grilled me about my job changes, why I left each one. That’s a question I hate to answer. She said that she would call me back to let me know what time my interview would be at next week, but she said it in such a way like “I think you’d be good enough to bring in for an interview”, was harsh to me. It bothers me. I don’t want to be thought of as just “ok”, or well “we might as well bring her in, who knows”, that just annoys me.

I need to psych myself up for these interviews, and make sure I’m prepared, otherwise my apathy with show through. It’s much easier to be psyched up for something that you really want. It’s a little difficult to be like “yea, I’m so excited to be your bitch!” haha..

I’m just in a weird place right now. I desperately want out of this situation I’m in right now. But I want to make sure that the next job that I’m in is one that really suits me, some place that I’ll be happy in.

How did this ever get so complicated?

We just met with the CEO of the company that I work for. What a total waste of an hour. Lame.

A.) He kept calling our producer Steve, his name is Harry… B.) At the end of the meeting he says “this is best part of my job, meeting all of you”, whatever, we all know that’s not true, and if it is, why don’t you do it more often?? C.) I told him that the company doesn’t have one page that lists all of the links to all of the websites we have to use on a daily basis, to which he gives me this laundry list of all these other major things they’re working on, which is stupid, because I could make the page I’m talking about in 5 minutes and I could update it on a regular basis, all of which wouldn’t take me more than an hour a week to do (besides the fact that the links I’m talking about never change). whatever.

I’m sure not all CEO’s suck. This guy tho, just bugs me. For all the questions that I asked I don’t think that I got like one good answer back. Its like executives are never actually at the places that they work at, and if they are they’re thinking about high level stuff. I dunno… It doesn’t really get me fired up about working here. I have no idea what we do. I know, I know, we get news out to people and help them sell their crap, but it’s so like eh.. unless I’m a writer or creating something useful on the site then I could give a rats ass.

The only good thing that happened was at the beginning of the meeting my boss told the ceo dude that I was an “admin from heaven” … hehe.. That was good, and in front of gibler too. But alas, not nearly enough to get me to stay in this pit. And especially not since they’ve done this restructuring. I’ll have a new boss on April 1st, who’s in San Jose. I totally am not in the mood for a new boss.

All I want to do right now is make more money and work at a place that is comfortable and fun, where I’ll be challenged and there will be enough new things to do so I won’t be bored out of my mind. ‘Cause I really just need a place to hang until after I buy a condo and can take out the equity, which is going to take some time, so this next job move has to be a really good one.

Sweet, just talked to this woman from this restaurant group about a marketing assistant position. I had talked to her about it like last month or so but the salary range they had at that time was entry level and too low for me. So I just let it go, but she left me a message today saying that they had re-thunk the position and decided to up the pay level, so I talked to her for a bit and she set up a telephone interview for tomorrow with the marketing director. And if all of that goes well then I’ll get to go in for a face to face interview with like everybody at their office. There’s 13 people there, so that would be very interesting. From talking to that woman about the postion I’m really interested now. Which is great, ’cause it makes it easier to talk to this next person tomorrow that much easier. yay 🙂