an unending urge to cry

by Valli

That’s how I felt this morning. I was actually ok until I got in to work, turned on AIM and Kirk started talking about how he’s depressed. His job is stifling him and he totally doesn’t want to be there. Everything he was saying was something that I have said many, many times over. It’s such a sad situation, to have talent and passion to do something but completely cut off from it.

In other news… Why are people such idiots? Why is it so freaking cold in this building? UGH! This feels horrible. My toes are numb. I hope the oracle is right and I get a job offer asap. I need to get out of here and into something better, if only for my mental health. 🙂

The new bosses are coming in tomorrow to visit all of us and I’m not looking forward to it at all.