a life in progress

Month: March, 2005

i am speaking english right?

’cause I dunno. For some reason the past couple of days I’ve been getting weird or no responses from people, when I ask or say simple things. This morning was going great, when I got here no one was here. I had the entire office to myself. Then the ho’s started showing up. Lame. Now […]

freakishly excited, is it 3:30 yet??

‘Cause that’s when I get to leave to go to my hair appointment and my weekend officially begins! So I’m listening to the “Love Songs” station on this Yahoo radio thingy and one of my most favorite songs of all time has just come on, “The Lady in Red” by Chris De Burgh. It’s the […]


Companies placing job ads should be REQUIRED to say what the salary range is for their positions. I’ve gone through interviews only to be told that their range is WELL below my salary requirements. Dorks.