a life in progress

Month: June, 2005

the bottom of normal

That would be me. My iron and potassium levels are at the bottom of normal. Because they don’t want them to go down from there they’d rather they be up so I have to make sure I eat more foods that have potassium and take an iron supplement. Oh for joy more supplements.

then it hit me

I just became tired all of a sudden. Like half an hour ago I got this feeling like I wanted to just lay down and go to bed. I’m yawning and sleepy. Ugh. I’m looking forward to tonight. I’m going to rent The Incredibles and maybe something else, but definitely The Incredibles. I haven’t seen […]

things have changed

That couldn’t be more true. So many things happened this weekend I’m still coming down from it all, and it’s totally done a number on my emotions. Today I’ve felt like crying at least 5 times, and for a few of those times I actually got to let it all out. Matt left this morning […]