the girl can’t help it

by Valli

I’m going to admit something very bad.

I still think about him. I know, I know, it’s horrible. Frankly I think it’s horrible, but it’s not as if it’s specifically about him, him, but about what could have been, had it progressed. Everything seems to remind of what was. It’s not like he was some evil guy and from now on every guy that I’m with I won’t be comparing to him as a person, but to what I felt like when I was with him.

The thing that still hurts the most is that I want that feeling back again. I want to be with someone and feel incredibly proud to be with them. No doubts, no well if he didn’t do this one thing he’d be great, none of that, I just want to like someone soo much and have them feel the same way about me.

This is a new year and I will have so many new opportunities to meet someone amazing. I’m excited and I’m, as usual, hopeful.