a fairy tale ending

by Valli

I have a confession to make. I have just finished reading a Harlequin romance novel. I know, I know… And not just any romance novel, oh yes, it’s the first in a series of new NASCAR romance novels. And sadly, I want to get the next book when it comes out. 🙂

I have so many conflicting feelings, shame, elation, embarrasment, excitement. I made the book my “BART book” and when I’d read it on the train I’d have to stop myself from blushing like a big goofball during the particularly “romantic” parts. I would cover the book’s cover so people wouldn’t know what I was reading.

It was actually a really good read, I don’t think it would win a pulitzer but it was fun. I could easily write one myself. I think that’s what I’ve always been writing since junior high, a bunch of cheesy romance stories, complete with happy endings.

In other news… I’m here waiting for our newsroom to send over a story about the mayors race in Oakland, will they have to do a runoff in November or not?? ugh. Apparently counting is hard.