a life in progress

Month: August, 2006

i need some direction

I haven’t done anything wrong, and yet it’s affecting my whole fucking day. I hate that bastard, no, wait, BOTH of those bastards. Ugh… It’s throwing my plans into upheaval. Actually it’s just forcing me to do the thing that I know I need to do. I just have to remember My Spark. “Down in […]

what has love become?

Just wanted to post these lyrics, ’cause I love ’em and the song… 🙂 “Love Is A Fast Song” by Copeland You don’t have to be ashamed ‘Cause you’re a miracle through and through Oh, and you don’t have to be ashamed Of the miracle inside of you What has love become? (What has love […]

this one is dedicated to the one i loathe

God I love this song. 🙂 It’s soo appropriate. I don’t wanna talk to you anymore I’m afraid of what I might say I bite my tongue every time you come around ‘Cause blood in my mouth beats Blood on the ground Hand over my heart I swear I’ve tried everything I could within all […]

dreamin’ of tommy lee

ahem. Tommy Lee is like 44 years old (dayam!) and I still find him hot. I have no idea why. He never looks completely clean to me. I think it’s all those tattoos. But regardless of all that I still want to jump his bones and have ten thousand of his babies. Once you get […]