a life in progress

Month: February, 2007

24 hour life crisis

Excerpt of lyrics from ‘gotta get up from here’ by ellie lawson: Today and I’m taking control again Patch on my arm in the bright sunlight There’s no way that I’m gonna go under now Plenty of ways to make a wrong right No more negative thinking around me I don’t wanna live my life […]

welcome back, kotter

Wow. It’s been such a long time since I’ve written in this thing. I really want to but at the same time I have this weird feeling like I don’t. Like it would be bad, like I’d be going backwards. Maybe it’s just because I’m at home writing this. I get so much more joy […]

things are going to change now for the better

’nuff said. And one more thing… I needed to read this today, it’s from Stephen Christian’s blog (lead singer of Anberlin): Minnesota, looking forward to a train station. had a great talk tonight with my friend aaron. the peace that that man has obtained is incredible. how honest. love emanates from his being, i think […]

mary katherine gallagher — my hero

I am eternally Mary Katherine Gallagher, for better or worse. The movie “Superstar” starring Molly Shannon as MKG is on this morning and I can’t help but notice the similarities between me and Mary Katherine. While I don’t wear a Catholic school uniform or keep my hands under my armpits when I’m nervous, I do […]

this valentine ain’t no saint

Guess what, today was Valentine’s Day. Just in case you hadn’t heard. For some reason it seems like this year there was more Valentine crap on TV and in the papers. Or maybe that’s just because I’ve been paying more attention? I dunno. At work I put up my usual decorations. I meant to take […]