a life in progress

Month: March, 2007

anything, anything

“He’s the perfect wrong guy to have a baby with.” This is a thought that occurs to me about a certain guy that I’ve known for years. I’m 26, single and dying to have a baby. I’m a rational person, I know that being single and having a baby isn’t a smart thing to do. […]

ya gotta move on and move up

Truer words were never spoken. So last Thursday I accepted a new job at a fabulous company in San Francisco. This is an awesome opportunity for me! I’m so excited about it it’s ridiculous. But I’m not naive. I’m actually kinda nervous about the whole thing. I know I’m smart and I can learn quickly. […]

your life, little girl, is an empty page that men will want to write on

Current male obsessions: — Blake Shelton – I’ve talked about him a little bit before but I must re-state that he is indeed hot. He has the best country accent ever and he’s a great singer too. I love his current song (and video) “don’t make me.” He’s one of the judges on Nashville Star […]