your life, little girl, is an empty page that men will want to write on

by Valli

Current male obsessions:

Blake Shelton – I’ve talked about him a little bit before but I must re-state that he is indeed hot. He has the best country accent ever and he’s a great singer too. I love his current song (and video) “don’t make me.” He’s one of the judges on Nashville Star and he’s freaking hilarious. *sigh* And it looks like he’ll be at the Sonoma County Fair in July. That could be a little mini-adventure.

Anderson Cooper – Is it bad that I only watch CNN for Anderson Cooper 360? He’s such a cutie. An intelligent, sensitive hottie. The suits, the ties, hot!

George Clooney – The man is gorgeous. And he was once in an episode of The Golden Girls! Hah! I love him because he seems to be compassionate and intelligent. He’s an excellent actor, but really he’s just plain hot!

It’s a little disgusting how many times I’ve used the word “hot” in this post but I currently don’t have the brain power to think of something else. 🙂