a life in progress

Month: June, 2007

in love with adams

There’s something about Ryan Adams. I looove him. I truly love this guy. I love his music. It’s so comforting. I bought his latest cd today,”Easy Tiger,” it came out on Tuesday. I highly recommend it. I also bought Kelly Clarkson’s cd “My December” I recommend that one too. She sounds totally pissed on this […]

must. blog. about. this.

So I got the new Mandy Moore CD this week, Tuesday the day it came out to be exact, and I loooooove it. Looove it! She sounds kinda pissed and jilted on this CD and I’m eatin’ it up like that skinny asian guy in those food eating competitions. There are a bunch of good […]

welcome back paula

no, not THAT Paula. Paula Cole people! I love this woman, she is one of my most favorite female singer/songwriters, and she’s finally put out a new CD. It’s called “Courage” and it’s pretty good. Not as awesome as her second CD “This Fire” but it still has great songs & lyrics. My current fave […]

lost in something…

This is hard, there are so many things I want to say but I’m afraid to type them up here. Too many damn prying eyes all around. I can’t use the word bored anymore. There must be another word that means the same but has a more tragic feeling to it. Right about now I’d […]

i’ll be there

You need to buy the Kings of Leon’s new cd “Because of the Times.” Just do it, you won’t be sorry.