welcome back paula

by Valli

no, not THAT Paula. Paula Cole people! I love this woman, she is one of my most favorite female singer/songwriters, and she’s finally put out a new CD. It’s called “Courage” and it’s pretty good. Not as awesome as her second CD “This Fire” but it still has great songs & lyrics.

My current fave song that is oh-so-relevant to me right now is called “it’s my life,” and the lyrics follow:

That quiet voice inside of my soul,
It’s rising up again.
Oh I know it’s the time, life is short.
Gotta grab the wheel of my life.

Indecision, should-haves, could-haves,
Will only rip my joy away.
This inner cross-roads may defi ne me,
But it’s the only way.

‘Cause it’s my life,
And I am free,
To live my life,
The way I feel.

For all the people who hear my song,
Why not take a chance?
By the keeping the child alive in our heart,
There’s truth and meaning there.

Trusting beauty,
Truth, perfection,
I’ll never lead my light astray.
Listen to my intuition, Gather up my faith.

‘Cause it’s my life,
And I am free,
To live my life,
The way I feel.

Deep inside I know I can,
Deep inside I’m beautiful,
Tell myself I won’t give up,
Tell myself have courage now.
Willingness and openness,
Step by step and day by day,
Over time a thousand fields,
Will have passed beneath my feet.

‘Cause it’s my life.