broken english

by Valli

I just watched two great movie trailers… hopefully they’ll equal two great movies!

First off, I love Parker Posey. Like seriously. Her new movie is called “Broken English” and I know it’ll totally hit the spot for me. The trailer immediately hit home with me in regards to love, relationships and work. Parker’s hair looks particularly awesome I must say and people have been gabbing about her performance in this movie so I wanna see it… Anywhoo… Here’s the link, check it out…

The second trailer is for the movie “August Rush” starring Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Keri Russell. Jonathan is hot of course and Keri is just cool in general. The trailer got me, I almost cried! It comes out in October, so hopefully the emotional stuff won’t be overplayed-up before then. It’ll be a must-see no matter what. I love the music angle and them all coming together in the end, which they have to do! They must!