a life in progress

Month: January, 2008

never saw it coming

I just found out that actor Heath Ledger has died, apparently of a drug overdose. I am in complete shock and I am so sad. I just watched “Brokeback Mountain” for the second time over the weekend, with my mom, it was her first time seeing it. He did such a wonderful job in that […]

all is right with the world

Because there’s a new Alanis Morissette CD coming soon! I’m soo excited. Just the other day while uploading all of my music I was wondering when she was going to get around to making another CD. Yay! Check out the video for first single “Underneath.” They took the friggin’ video down, oh welly. Who cares […]

it’s the heart that matters more

I am so glad I asked for an iPod Classic for Christmas. It is the best thing ever. My entire CD library is now in one place and it’s portable too! The past few days I’ve brought the iPod with me to work and I’ve been listening to songs that I haven’t heard in years. […]

callin’ me, callin’ you

It’s official ladies and gentlemen, I have joined the rest of you in the 21st century by purchasing a brand spanking new cell phone slash PDA device. I bought the Palm Centro in red and I looove it. It does everything except make waffles. I can check email, go on the web, take photos & […]