never saw it coming

by Valli

I just found out that actor Heath Ledger has died, apparently of a drug overdose.

I am in complete shock and I am so sad. I just watched “Brokeback Mountain” for the second time over the weekend, with my mom, it was her first time seeing it. He did such a wonderful job in that role. He was such a talented actor. This is indeed a tragedy. And I think it hurts just a little bit more because he was from my generation.

Reminds me of the way I felt when I heard that River Phoenix was dead. All that talent gone to waste. I just wish people could face whatever their demons are and move through it, instead of letting it ruin their lives.

UPDATE: Okay, so it wasn’t drugs, thank god. It seems kinda creepie say that I’m glad that it wasn’t drugs, ’cause either way he’s still dead. But I’m glad that it’s looking like it wasn’t another “typical” Hollywood-related tragedy. So now this reminds me of when Nikki Taylor’s sister Krissie died from her asthma inhaler.