a life in progress

Month: February, 2008

on hotels in vegas

So I booked a hotel for my trip to Las Vegas this weekend to go to the NASCAR race. I’m leaving on Friday coming back on Monday. This time around I booked my reservation using On they put the “Guest Reviews” feature right up front on each hotels profile page, so it’s very […]

things are gonna change now, for the better

If I’m addicted to anything it would have to be coffee and new music. I just heard the new song from Dave Barnes called “Until You” and it’s so good that I wish I could live inside of it. I’ve said that about other songs many times before and I guess what it really means […]

spencer loves american idol

My mom’s dog Spencer is pretty picky when it comes to watch he watches on television. He won’t tear himself away from his favorite bone for just anything. Project Runway? No way. But American Idol passes the test. This is Spencer watching the top 12 men sing last night:

my little l.a.m.b.

Here is the photo I promised of my new purse. I needed a new one desperately because I’d had my old Coach one for like 4 years. It was definitely time to move on. The number one reason why I love this bag is because I can put stuff in and take stuff out of […]

life upgrade: new car edition

I must say that I had a pretty awesome weekend. I went shopping for a much needed new purse and ended up buying one plus a new car! I had been thinking about getting a new car for some time now. It came about mostly because I was thinking about how I could do the […]