the rio review

by Valli

The Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas has a rating of four stars. I am officially taking away one of those stars.

Why am I taking away the star you ask? Well, let’s see.  When I arrived and checked-in to my room I noticed on the hotel map, and the services/attractions binder in my room, that there was a Coffee Bean and Teaf Leaf shop on the premises. I was excited and happy. I haven’t had a White Chocolate Dream Latte since I left my job at back in October. So the next morning I decided to bypass the TWO Starbucks that were on my way to the parking garage in favor of the Coffee Bean.

Much to my dismay and superior irritation the location that used to house the Coffee Bean was now just a shell. An empty storefront, are you serious?? So I had to walk all the way across the casino again, with my laptop bag and purse over my shoulder, to the Starbucks.

They couldn’t take the damn name off their maps?? Or at least add a note inside that says “Oh by the way, we don’t actually have a Coffee Bean anymore.” Ya know when you go to a Broadway show and they put a little note in the playbill when the understudy is performing? Yea, they need to uh, implement that practice here.

Okay, here’s another reason why I’m snatching that fourth star out of the Rio’s grip. My room is nice in general terms. It’s a lot better than something you’d get at a Comfort Inn. There’s a living room area, a big bathroom area with two sinks, mirrors on the closet doors so you can get a full-length view of yourself. The problem I have is that there are tiles missing from the baseboards under the sink. And no shower cap!

The four pillows on my bed are miniature pillows. Miniature, if you laid them out side by side they wouldn’t reach both ends of the bed.

The Lights. Ya know how when you walk into a room you expect there to be a switch that you can flip to illuminate the entire room? Yea, they don’t have one of those. Oh they have them for the bathroom area, but not for the main living/sleeping area. So I walked into a dark room, and then had to go around and turn on four lamps.

Now, I am willing to admit there are some good things about this place. Like I said before there are two Starbucks. The one I’m in right now is like the granddaddy of all Starbucks. It’s big and has like 6 big comfy chairs, a couch, tons of regular tables and two of those big study tables with the lamps on ‘em. The other great thing is that it’s totally empty. It must fill up after the Penn & Teller show next door, at least that’s the only reason why I can imagine they put it all the way over here in such an out of the way location.

The other good thing is that the room service charges aren’t that steep. They don’t add in an automatic gratuity like some hotels do these days, and the price of the food alone isn’t insane. I had a BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger last night (French fries were included) for 12 bucks.

So with all of this my criteria for hotels has just be upped a notch. I shall not stay at a hotel that was built before 2000. The Rio was built in 1990. I found that out after I booked the room, and it gave me pause, but there was nothing I could do at that point. I rationalized the whole thing by saying that I just needed a place to sleep. I’d be spending all day at the race track so it’s not like it had to be amazing. But I know now that it MUST be amazing.