what am i to do?

by Valli

You have to, just have to, buy Shelby Lynne’s latest CD “Just a Little Lovin'” It’s a bunch of Dusty Springfield covers and it is pure awesomeness. I love her voice in general, I have all of her CDs to prove this, but it really shines on this disc. As those doinks on American Idol would say “She’s got great control” of her voice. I especially love her rendition of “Anyone Who Had a Heart,” it’s perfect and if you’ve ever been hurt by someone you liked you’ll melt when you hear it just like I did. All of the songs seem really stripped down, it’s just basic good, strong singing.

It’s really sad that Shelby doesn’t get as much attention as her talent deserves, but then again maybe that’s a good thing. She can be spared from all the insane celebrity coverage that’s been going on these days.

On Saturday I’m volunteering at our local Spelling Bee. I signed up not knowing how much work I was actually going to have to do. It’s not hard work mind you, but there’s a lot of stuff you have to be aware of, some serious rules. The thing I’m not looking forward to is eliminating the kids from the competition. I guess I’ll see how it all plays out, it should be interesting. The last National Spelling Bee winner was from this area, so who knows maybe we can go for two in a row.

There are some things going down at work that I do not like. I can’t go into detail because it’ll just serve to irritate me further. I will say this though; I continue to be amazed at all the wackadoodle crap that goes on around that place. It’s just crazy.

While the work stuff bothers me it does serve a purpose as a great motivator to take my blog to another level. I’m not totally clear on how I’m going to get to that next level but I know it’ll happen. Now that I’ve written that out I really need to think about that more. Just what exactly is it that I want to do next, like what’s the next step? Hmm… food for thought.

While I don’t have a perfectly clear idea of the big picture, I do know that I made up a list of the races I want to go to for the rest of the year. The next one would be the race at Charlotte in May. I’m going to get a t-shirt and hoodie made from Neighborhoodies that’ll say “The Fast And The Fabulous Dot Com.” They’re gonna be soooo cool.