a life in progress

Month: July, 2008

my love for anberlin

I have loved and loved the band Anberlin for many years now. Their music is what I would call alternative/indie rock, but to me it’s some of the most romantic and inspirational stuff I’ve ever heard. And not inspirational in some preachy, gospel way. No, it’s inspirational in a way that just makes you happy, […]

i agree

Click the image for a bigger version (easier to read). Thanks to Kevin for showing me this!

missing possibilities

I miss looking at someone and seeing all of the possibilities. I’ve only been in that position once and I wasn’t even in love with them yet. Only once have I had that thought that maybe this person is the one I could build a real life with. I miss being able to think about […]

my sister gives legal advice

My awesome sister on a new Lifetime TV show called “The Balancing Act.” FYI, she’s an attorney specializing in employment and labor law cases.