coffee? tea? me?

by Valli

When I was waiting to get on plane for my flight back to San Francisco from Chicago last month I decided to pick out all of the guys I wouldn’t mind to have sit next to me. Now that I’m older I’m a lot less shy than I was when I was a teenager. I feel like I’ve grown into myself and know more about who I am in general. And to that end when I’m on a plane I feel like meeting new people and talking. For my Chicago trip I wasn’t have much luck finding willing row-mates up for conversation.

On my flight to the windy city, I was situated in between a blind guy and a Russian dude whose nose was stuck in a Russian novel for the entire trip. On the 4 hours back to San Francisco I was between two women. One was a teenage girl from China who spoke little English and the other was a woman around my age who was intent on sleeping with her head down the entire time, and when she did talk she was kind of a ho.

So needless to say my pool of conversation buddies was, uhm, non-existent. This all got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be awesome if airlines had special seating for single people? It’d be great! You could totally pick who you wanted to sit next to for any given flight and make sure that you had someone who’d be open to conversation. Or at the very least have the option during the reservation process to say that you’d like to sit next to someone who’s willing to chat with you about this and that.

I hope to have to travel often in the coming year and it would be really cool if I could be guaranteed a seat next to an available hottie. Wouldn’t that be nice?