please don’t tell me this has been in vain

by Valli

I was doing work at Starbucks today, as has become the routine, and I was listening to a playlist on my iPod. The song “Kill” by Jimmy Eat World came on and there were some lyrics that stood out to me. They struck a chord with the way I feel about certain things in my life right now. I’m sure you can guess which “things” I’m talking about. That would be TFATF and trying to make a career out of it.

Oh God, please don’t tell me this has been in vain
I need answers for what all the waiting I’ve done means
You kill me, you’ve got some nerve, but can’t face your mistakes
I know what I should do, but I just can’t turn away

The guy in the song is talking about girl and their relationship. I, on the other hand, am talking about my blog. It is my WORST FEAR that I’ve done all this work on TFATF for nothing. That I’ll have to give it up and walk away. Which is what will have to happen if I can’t get sponsors.

So, my first reaction to that is to try everything I can to get sponsors. I have some ideas I’ll try when the work week starts again, but time is running out it seems. I just need help.