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i just haven’t met you yet

So, my mom, who knows me better than anyone in the world, sent me a dedication via email the other day. It was this new song by Michael Bublé, “Haven’t Met You Yet.” Maybe, no wait, I know that this was her way of saying “Buck up, kid. You’ll find your guy yet.” I love […]

missing possibilities

I miss looking at someone and seeing all of the possibilities. I’ve only been in that position once and I wasn’t even in love with them yet. Only once have I had that thought that maybe this person is the one I could build a real life with. I miss being able to think about […]

over the rainbow

All of a sudden I have a headache. Probably too much Dr. Pepper. Over these past couple of days I’ve been thinking about something that happened to me a little while ago. Only recently has this moment turned into something bigger. Nothing monumental has happened. I’m still me, still single and working and dreaming. But […]

tell me you love me

My last update here was 9 weeks ago. Wow, thanks LiveJournal for letting me know. So I was watching this new show on HBO called “Tell Me You Love Me.” I love that title. Anyway, it’s about three couples at various stages in their relationships. It just got me to thinking about guys. Let’s say […]

honest conductivity

I am in day three of my “forced” vacation. Normal people would be happy to not have to go into work for a whole week, but I find myself not particulary happy. I know that my work isn’t being done and I am partly to blame for that. But as the saying goes, “there’s no […]