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i just haven’t met you yet

So, my mom, who knows me better than anyone in the world, sent me a dedication via email the other day. It was this new song by Michael Bublé, “Haven’t Met You Yet.” Maybe, no wait, I know that this was her way of saying “Buck up, kid. You’ll find your guy yet.” I love […]

someone help me find the pause button

I know it’s not true. I know that I am worthy and capable of love, and that one day I’ll be in a relationship that reflects that. It’s just that it’s easy to remember the past, and it’s not even just about the romantic relationships I’ve had. I think of my biological father who basically […]

my sister gives legal advice

My awesome sister on a new Lifetime TV show called “The Balancing Act.” FYI, she’s an attorney specializing in employment and labor law cases.

valli makes something grand

I’m putting together the greatest Mother’s Day present ever for my mom and I had to write something about it. Obviously I’m not going to say what it is because my mom does read my blog, but I will say this, it’s awesome. Everytime I think about it I get all teary-eyed. It’s so good […]

we survive, we get by

So emotional. That would be me. There are times when I can think of certain people and just start crying. If I was an actress no one would ever have to worry about if I’d be able to cry on cue or not. I don’t cry about just anything though. There’s always a valid reason. […]