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never saw it coming

I just found out that actor Heath Ledger has died, apparently of a drug overdose. I am in complete shock and I am so sad. I just watched “Brokeback Mountain” for the second time over the weekend, with my mom, it was her first time seeing it. He did such a wonderful job in that […]

broken english

I just watched two great movie trailers… hopefully they’ll equal two great movies! First off, I love Parker Posey. Like seriously. Her new movie is called “Broken English” and I know it’ll totally hit the spot for me. The trailer immediately hit home with me in regards to love, relationships and work. Parker’s hair looks […]

mary katherine gallagher — my hero

I am eternally Mary Katherine Gallagher, for better or worse. The movie “Superstar” starring Molly Shannon as MKG is on this morning and I can’t help but notice the similarities between me and Mary Katherine. While I don’t wear a Catholic school uniform or keep my hands under my armpits when I’m nervous, I do […]

one of my favorite things

Meryl Streep singing “You Don’t Know Me” in the movie “Postcards from the Edge.” In general that is one of my favorite movies and favorite songs of all time. 🙂 Just an FYI for those of you paying attention.

the strength of bob sagat

Worlds are colliding people. I’m kinda watching an episode of “Jamie Kennedy’s Blowin’ Up”, which is, as far as I’m concerned, a mockreality show about Jamie Kennedy trying to become a rapper. He records a song with Bob Sagat (ya know the dad from Full House), it’s sort of funny and sort of disturbing at […]