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best comedy skit ever

I have been looking around for this skit from The State, a short lived comedy sketch show that was on MTV back in the 90s or so, and thanks to the great people at I’ve finally got clip of it! The characters are Barry & Levon and they love to put their butts in […]

dying to say this to you

Pamela Anderson is getting her own reality TV show on the E! network. That’s just great. Where the hell is my reality show? My life is far more interesting than anything she can shove out there. How about the story of a 27-year-old single girl living with her mother and working for a company that […]

thank you mister rogers, you are missed

Today would have been Mister Rogers 80th birthday. Mister Rogers was the host of the daytime kids show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” that I watched as a child in the 80s. They still show it on PBS to this day. It’s funny that I never realized how much I loved that show until I grew up. […]

tell me you love me

My last update here was 9 weeks ago. Wow, thanks LiveJournal for letting me know. So I was watching this new show on HBO called “Tell Me You Love Me.” I love that title. Anyway, it’s about three couples at various stages in their relationships. It just got me to thinking about guys. Let’s say […]

must. blog. about. this.

So I got the new Mandy Moore CD this week, Tuesday the day it came out to be exact, and I loooooove it. Looove it! She sounds kinda pissed and jilted on this CD and I’m eatin’ it up like that skinny asian guy in those food eating competitions. There are a bunch of good […]