The List

Things that I want to do before I die (in no particular order)

1.) Visit Australia
2.) Visit Europe (paying the most attention to France & the UK)
3.) Go to another NASCAR race (preferably Las Vegas) (done 9/06 – California Speedway)
4.) Learn to Surf
5.) Go Skiing and/or Snowboarding
6.) Go to the Olympics (as a spectator of course)
7.) Do Voice-Overs (Voice-Acting) professionally
8.) Get down to goal weight (done 12/05)
9.) Fall in love
10.) Visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
11.) Visit it the Football Hall of Fame
12.) Visit the MLB Hall of Fame
13.) Go camping (yes, I’ve done this but I’m putting it on the list to make sure I do it again)
14.) Visit Seattle
15.) Visit New York
16.) Produce an all day local music festival in Contra Costa County
17.) Go to an NFL football game
18.) Write a screenplay or a book
19.) Go to racing school
20.) Make a documentary
21.) Buy a house
22.) Have a home-life (get married, have kids)