I want what’s yours and I want what’s mine

by Valli

Okay… So sometimes in the morning I get a horrible tasting double latte from the little espresso cart in the lobby. That’s what I did this morning. From time to time there is a guy down there that talks to the people that work the cart. He’s of average height, maybe a smidgen taller than me and pretty average in looks too, kinda cute, I’d do him.. He looks older than me, but he has that deceptive age look where he could go either way, like he could be 25 or he could be 32… I dunno…anyway… back to this morning, he was down there again, and I ordered my coffee, well I really didn’t have to order it, they know me now, so they just make my latte (without foam mind you) when they see me coming.. So the guy was looking at me while talking to them, I always feel like I should say something, but of course I don’t know what’s appropriate, or if I should say anything at all. This is how it always is, but today was different… Today when the guy was leaving them he said “well, I must away”… It freaked me out… I was thinking “omigosh, he just said ‘I must away'”, which is a line from Sense & Sensibility (for those of you who didn’t know that), which just happens to be one of my all time favorite movies… So now I REALLY don’t know what to do… I mean I’d like to say something to him, but I don’t know how…. I wanted to ask the people that work at the cart if he has a girlfriend or something, or what his name is or anything about him, but I never talk to them like that, so I dunno… I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to be in the same elevator with him alone or something… Or if I happen to be at the Espresso place at the same time as him and they’re talking about something I know about I’ll try to weasel my way into the conversation…. That’d be good…. I wonder if that was a sign.. A sign sent just to me. I mean, who says ‘I must away’?? Besides me… Its crazy…

Todd is in Canada, actually, he should be on his way to New Orleans for the PMA Convention that I should be going to! But I’m not because I have a skank for a boss… I suppose they need me here ’cause if I were to go there’d be nobody else to cover our shipments… So, oh well.. 🙂 Next year it’s in Orlando, Florida and the year after that it’s in Anaheim.. I really don’t want to even think about being here that long, but if I have to be here I hope I get to go to one of those….

It’s Survivor/CSI Night! I must away! 🙂