it’s a mad, mad world

by Valli

So my company’s website is completely ugly and in need of a serious makeover. So I got this guy I know, eddie, to redo it.. Right now he’s trying to create a few different mock ups so we can pick which design we like the best and go with it. So I ask our dumb ass marketing chick for any pictures and logo files that she might have. She says that they’re all scattered and to send her a list of all the stuff I need. I hate this woman. Yes, it’s not unreasonable for the freak to ask me to send her a list, but it’s just another one of her ways of pushing me to the back burner and not gving me what I need. The really sad part about all this is that she probably doesn’t even have all the stuff that I need. I detest unorganized people. It’s absolutely insane. This company is supposedly trying to grow and crap, and people can’t even keep track of logo files. It’s so gay. UGH!

Work is frustrating. period.

I need my own server so I can have a message board on my website. I want to do something more with my site, but I’m not sure what yet. I really don’t want to drive home right now. Ech.. It’s good ’cause I get to listen to my music but it sucks ’cause I have to drive. I was thinking about reserving a campsite at Big Sur for next summer now, so that way there’s no way I can procrastinate about it, ya know?