words that kill

by Valli

” My world’s on fire
My life’s overwhelming
Just breathe
You’re on the next train to life without me
Time had nothing left to show so we found out
A world on fire
A life overwhelming”
(“words that kill” by Die Trying)

I’m totally digging on Die Trying. I love their first single “Oxygen’s Gone” soooo yummy. 🙂 Going to go see them with Alien Ant Farm with Michele in July. That’s going to be such a good show! I’m so excited. I loooove AAF! Dryden is such a cutie.

I have an interview today. I’m pretty much forcing myself to go. I can’t pass up on this stuff. It’s not the most desirable company looking from the outside in, but perhaps when I get there and meet this woman it’ll change. I’m so sick of this place. I know that I said I wouldn’t say anything about work anymore till I get a new job, but I can’t help it. I have to get it out. The only solace is knowing that I can handle things here, the actual work is not a big deal. It’s just these damn people.

The only good thing that has come from this place (besides the money of course) is the fact that I got free tix to see the NASCAR Winston Cup race this weekend at Sears Point! I’m so freaking excited. Seeing Dale Jr whip past me at over 100 mph is going to be so cool! 🙂

I need a new cell phone badly! The one that I have feels ancient compared to all the new stuff out there. I want cool ring tones damnit! 🙂 haha!