does your heart beat slower?

by Valli

Damn work. It’s 3pm though, so I shall be able to leave soon, only an hour and 45 more minutes to go.

There are some moments when I feel bad for wanting to leave and trying to find another job, but then I quickly remind myself that this place is the 7th clrcle of hell and there’s no way I can stay. Or perhaps I could as long as all of the crap was worked out and I got to report to the person that I wanted to and only had one thing to focus on. Perhaps that would be ok. But then of course if I got that then people would probably definitely think that I’m getting preferential treatment. Whatever. That’s their problem, not mine.

I have very little tolerence for this place left. I found out today that things could be changing again, and then again. You never know around here, so fucking stupid. Oh yea that’s why I want to leave so badly. It’s getting harder and harder to just be nice to certain people without sounding like I want to commit suicide at any moment.

Tonight I’m going to a BBQ at one of my coworker’s home. It should be a good time ’cause one of our old coworkers that was fired a few months ago is going to be there and we have a lot to talk about. Tomorrow I’ve got this “interview slash meeting” with this couple that own their own business. They create high end furniture and home accesories. It’s really cool modern, contemporary stuff made out of steel and metal. That should be interesting. It’s not a well defined position that they have open, they just have a need for help in growing their business. I dunno. If at the very least I worked part time for them in my spare time that would be cool with me, extra money is always appreciated in Valliland. 🙂 Sunday is of course NASCAR with Jonathan. So I’m going to take the rest of Saturday to prepare for Sunday. I’m going to have to get up at 4:30 to meet Jonathan at 5am, and then go from there to Sonoma. eeeee! I’m so excited! It’s going to be soo much fun! I need to buy a bunch of stuff, let’s see… snacks & water, a hat, lawn chairs, a cooler and some sort of backpack type dealy to carry everything. So the food, lawn chairs and hat, oh and some sunblock (if we don’t have some already) I’ll have to buy. good good.

So get this… I posted my resume on Craigslist like a few weeks ago, So I went and reposted it to refresh it and put it at the top again. I used my hotmail addy, so when I get an email the MSN IM thingy pops up and tells me a email has come in. So like 5 minutes after I posted my resume again, this woman emailed me and told me about this job that’s she’s hiring for at her company. The job is as an Admin Asst/Production Asst for this company that creates special effects for movies. That’s not all that they do but it’s a big part of what they do. And it’s not crappy movies either, it’s big stuff, like The Matrix and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Cool shit. So they have a website and I went and checked it out and of course I instantly fell in love with the place. They have a lot of employees, lots of dudes!, it’s a very creative environment, there’s a cafe and I think there dress code is casual. It kills me. So I immediately wrote the woman back telling her that I’m definitely interested. So then she writes me back to say that she’ll be out today and Monday, but she’ll give me a call next week, and for me to send her my salary history. So I’m like praying to God (or whatever being that’s anywhere) and my Grandpa that I’m in their salary range and that I get called for an interview ’cause this place is awesome! It’s in Bekerley too, so I could visit my mom and go to lunch and stuff. It’s awesome! UGH! Why did that woman have to take Monday and Friday off.. All I kept thinking was “don’t leave me hangin!”

So we shall see what happens with that. All I can say is that I can’t wait for Tuesday now. Dale Jr. was on Conan O Brien the other night and I taped it. I think he is so cool. I love him, of course not literally, but I just dig his persona. ya know? Ah…. so cute, and he’s got this shyness, but he’s still cocky like a typical guy. I just love the combination. I’m such a dork, but it’s so true.

And then on that same show the band OAR played. The song they did was awesome, it was so sweet and romantic. I just wish I had a guy who would say the things that their lyrics said to me. Absolutely beautiful. 🙂 So I gotta get there cd and Finch, and something else that I can’t think of right now. Hmm…

I think I lost my Third Eye Blind cd and it’s totally pissing me off. Grr.. Hmm.. Since we’re going to be at the racetrack at 6am, and you can only shop but oh so much, I’m going to bring my book with me. hehehe.. Can’t wait. Get to relax and read and then see the cutest dude race! How cool is that? I hope nobody crashes in front of us. That’d be kinda freaky.

Okay now I’m down to less than 40 minutes. Woo Hoo!! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully everyone and their mother left work at 3pm so traffic won’t be totally insane when I have to go through it.

Okay now it’s time to go! Yay!