the bottom line

by Valli

Another wacky scenario. Why can’t it be cut and dry? Simple? Easy? Like in commercials. Damn commercial people. They get to have the easy life where they meet the dude of there dreams over some Mentos or somethin.

This thing with Colin, whatever it is, was, ends up being, I feel fine about it. Mostly because I know that it’s not me with the issues. It’s him. So we shall see what happens with all of this. I get to leave work in less than 5 minutes to go to this awards thingy that’s thrown by the print advertising department. I’m going for the free food and drink. And to get out of doing actual work. I get to sit there and be annoyed by all the print people. 🙂 hehe. And if I’m lucky talk to Justin the hottie boy, who’s becoming less and less hot the more that I talk to him. 🙂 He’s not evil or anything. I just think he’s not as smart as one would hope. But I dunno, I shouldn’t say that. He could totally surprise me. 🙂

All in all today has been a pretty good day. 🙂