get me out of here!

by Valli

Classic. Rox stops me as I’m walking out to go fed ex some stuff, and asks if we can change the dollar amount that we spend on the ‘dirty santa’ gifts that we’re supposed to exchange next week, originally it was $20, she wants it to be $10 because the holidays are getting so expensive for her. So I’m like yea, sure, whatever. As I’m walking down the hall to go to the morgue I’m thinking to myself, “fucking a, if she wants to do my job so bad she should just take it”… I fedexed the stuff then came back and she reads the email she’s about to send out to everybody because she “doesn’t want to step on my toes”, and I just say “yea thats fine”.. she’s a freak. I dislike her a lot.

Another example of her irkness, she came in one afternoon with her daughter. She puts her daughter to work “organizing” our supply cabinet and the shelf next to it. It doesn’t look any better, but yet she’s all gushing about it, and how she had her daughter do it and etc. Now, we all know that that kind of stuff falls under my realms of duties, but apparently when she made her daughter do that stuff she wasn’t worried about stepping on my toes then. I dislike her A LOT.