a lover i don’t have to love

by Valli

Well… first let’s start with work. We finally had our holiday luncheon last Friday. It went well. The presents were a lot better. In an effort to annoy Roxy-Ho I sent an email on the previous Thursday reminding everyone of the lunch and saying how the MAX that they could spend was $20 and if they didn’t want to spend that much they didn’t have to. Freak. So anyway at the lunch we did the game and I stole the U2 cd that Kim brought from Morgan, and I Kim stole the Starbucks gift box that I brought from Deb. Deb’s still ticked off about that. 🙂

I’m still looking for a new job. I was feeling crappy last week and yesterday because I didn’t get any good responses for interviews, but then yesterday I got an email from this guy who’s a VP at a lighting production company. I have an interview with him tomorrow and it looks promising. Then I got a message from a company that I sent my resume to last week (although it feels like I sent it out years ago) for an interview, which I have scheduled for Thursday. I’m not that keen on this one just because it seems like it could be lame. I dunno.

Xmas. Well. Jamie if you’re reading this I’m going to have to give you your gift in Jan/Feb. depending on my money situation at that point. I’m tapped out, and things are tight for me right now. Sucks.

In other news I need to take a new photo, only because the one I have now is starting to annoy me. 🙂 I still like it but it’s just getting old I guess… Lacey has agreed to take the beer I have off my hands. Which is great.

Hmm… I can’t think of anything else that I need to say right now. I shall mosey on home.