figures it’s french

by Valli

This weekend my mom and I went to check out some model homes in San Ramon. This all happened on a wim. My mom needed to get some stuff from Kaiser and while I sat in the pharmacy I flipped through the April issue of Diablo magazine. There was a blurb about a new housing development in the area that included wine rooms that were designed by someone from Copia (this wine and food place in Napa). So it was intriquing. The houses all started in the $2 million range. We had to see these suckers.

So we went and I was floored. There were only three models but they were the greatest houses I’ve ever seen in my life. And I am not joking about this. Maybe one day I’ll visit a bigger and better home but I don’t need to.

The features in these houses were just awesome. They all had great showers with multiple shower heads. Not just two, but like 7! Can you imagine having water coming at you from seven different locations??

Then there’s the aforementioned wine rooms. Very impressive and I don’t even care about wine. One side of the room is just glass and faces the formal dining room.

In one model the master bath had a huge and deep copper bathtub.

All of the houses had custom closets with the coolest gadgets for a closey I’ve ever seen. There was this mirror that was hidden in the side of a wall of shelves, you pull it out sideways and it would turn to face you. So you can get dressed in the closet and get a full body look at yourself. Each house has a place where you can plug in your iPod so that it plays throughout the house.

The house that I want, that I’m determined to get, has a detached 4 car garage. It has a small guesthouse (Casita). There’s a huge kitchen, plus a prep kitchen (which is larger than my apartment’s kitchen). Ya know for those times when you’ve got a buncha caterers coming in for that huge party you’re throwing, again! The thing that got me at first was the wrap around porch and veranda. Off of the master bedroom there are a trio of french doors that open onto the large veranda. Beautiful. Just beautiful. There’s even more to the house than just this.

I don’t know what I need or how I’m going to get from here to there but I’m going to try. I’m going to get there.

a photo and floorplan of the house