my little l.a.m.b.

by Valli

Here is the photo I promised of my new purse.

I needed a new one desperately because I’d had my old Coach one for like 4 years. It was definitely time to move on. The number one reason why I love this bag is because I can put stuff in and take stuff out of it without having to move a buncha crap out of the way. The mouth of the purse is wide and there’s a ton of space. I’ve been trying to think of stuff that I should be carrying with me so it’s not so empty.

I’m usually not a big fan of gold accents but it works in this case. Plus there isn’t a lot of it. Everybody knows I love plaid and while this purse doesn’t have that it does have a great green, yellow and blue lamb print. Gwen Stefani is a genius!

My new L.A.M.B. bag