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on your shore

I had an eventful weekend. I went to the FT show on Saturday at ImusicASS. When I arrived Sergio was outside and payed for me to get into the show. I didn’t think that he would pay for me, I thought he was just going to put me on the list. Anyway, let me just […]

because the night

Yesterday I went straight to the mall after work. I went to LB and got a bunch of stuff, including jeans in a size smaller than I’ve got now. Then I went to Torrid and got two great tops, plus this ring thats basically like fake diamonds but it’s got a ton of ’em and […]

something’s got me

I have this book called “Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis”. It’s a really great book. I’d highly recommend it to anyone in their 20’s or 30’s, even if you think you’ve got everything figured out, it’ll still be helpful. I’ve only read like the first chapter and it’s already inspired me and made me feel better […]

girls just wanna have fun

I feel better. All I needed was a little retail therapy. I didn’t buy anything to huge, just got a new shirt from Nordstrom, some new cds like The Used, Rascal Flatts (yes I like some country) and Butterfly Boucher. The Butterfly cd is really cool. I’d never heard of her before I listened to […]

sew it up but you still see the tear

It’s been days of frustration. Frustration with my job, the upcoming show. Hm. I guess those are the big issues right now. Work: They pissed me off more today. My two bosses called me in to talk to them about being “helpful” with the new ad system. They said how I should be the point […]